I am very happy and it is very helpful information from my coach. Thanks! -Lily Z.

I am very happy with the site. I learned so much with Jace and the information in the eLibrary. -Shirlee

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I am very happy and it is very helpful information from my coach. Thanks!
-Lily Z.


Overall, my experience with Luke has been enlightening. There is so much to learn and apply it is daunting at times but whenever I have run into issues, the solutions and suggestions that have been presented to me have been greater than satisfactory. My initial 5 affiliate test campaigns have produced approximately 9300 impression but with very little conversion
-Darrell D.


My first sale was only 4 days after listing! My coach did a great job of helping me know how to price my item. It sold exactly for the price I listed it. Looking forward to success on future sales.
- Patricia M


I have had to work extremely hard to get to this point but can honestly say it was worth the effort. Thanks Lance for your encouragement!
- Belinda T


Just achieved Power Seller status!
- Stacey M


Our coach has given us the path to establish an e- commerce business, We thanks him and his team for our success, still learning the curve but firm and focus to a better future.
- William V


Made my first sale on eBay! I do think that learning how to research the price point and to do a really thorough description helped close the deal.
- Janet C


I'm excited I sold my first item on ebay, I am so appreciative of how my coach helped me. He made sure that my listing was great and it took a while but it paid out.
- Carol D


My coach has helped me go through the process of being successful on eBay step by step; by breaking down the process I am better able to understand the best way to eBay!
- Rebecca V


My experience has been wonderful and my coaches are really teaching me a lot.
- Lashawn S


My first dropship sale! I am so excited. My wonder coach, Lorin is my greatest asset! Thank you so much.
- Michele C


It was a very exciting experience even though I was nervous. It took me longer than I thought but I know that will get better. I was thrilled when two of my items sold on the same day! I got the shipped out the next day and then celebrated. I thank my coach Edward for his patience and encouragement.
- Coralie J